25 июн. 2016 г.

Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a feature-rich, town building simulator strategy game with engaging survival aspects. Lead your people: a small group of refugees who were forced to start again on an unknown island.

Terraform land and build houses, pastures, orchards, farms, windmills and many other buildings. Forage in the forest, hunt for prey, grow crops and domestic animals for food. Stock up with enough firewood, charcoal and warm clothes to survive an upcoming harsh winter. Lack of certain vitamins in villagers’ rations may lead to disease and can even totally wipe out your village!

You can rule your village from a birdseye view or possess one of your villagers to perform tasks in a first person view to speed things up or just to wander around.

Here some of the most exciting features:
Advanced farming system. Different crops and fruit trees require different amount of moisture, man labour and time to ripen ready for harvest. Your pastures and hens require the attention of hunters in order to protect them from forest predators.

Real time weather and seasons system. Drought will force your farmers to water your crops and rainy days will force them to dig trenches. Winter will require firewood and warm clothes for your villagers.

Diseases, food rations and vitamins. Diseases will spread faster in cold weather, especially if your villagers lack warm clothes or their ration is too monotonous and lacks certain vitamins. Try to stock all types of food possible (meat, fish, bread, vegetables and fruits).

Switch between birdseye and first person views. You can play your game in a birdseye view and issue strategic orders or you can posses a villager and play from a first person perspective performing everyday tasks along with your villagers.

Dynamic ecosystem. Villagers that are constantly walking in the surrounding woods will scare wildlife deeper into forest. Excessive farming or woodcutting can lead to flora and fauna extinction thus lowering the flow of meat, hides, mushrooms, berries and medical herbs to your stocks.

Terraforming and pavement. Terraform land around your settlement to enable construction of larger buildings. Pave roads to speed up the movement of your villagers and thus improve the economy of your settlement.

Morale and increasing population Keep your villagers happy and their families will grow, granted their needs are being met. :) Living in overcrowded hostels, always in need and witnessing recent deaths of neighboring villagers will reduce their morale and their productivity.

Disasters. Lightning will hit your tall buildings that are standing on hilltops. Tornados can leave a devastating trail of destruction across your settlement. Earthquakes can destroy your houses and even topple trees. Are your sure that you’re ready to face those challenges?

Mod friendly. Our game is designed to be modder friendly. Game modders will have access to AI, animations, task and resource management, navigation, sounds and many other game systems. Those systems and assets can be completely changed through game scripts written in LUA.